North-East Scotland Atlas

The Breeding Birds of North-East Scotland

edited by Ian Francis and Martin Cook

This new breeding bird atlas presents the results of five years of survey work in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City and includes almost half of the Cairngorms National Park. It maps the distributions of all breeding birds during 2002-06, and as the first repeated local breeding bird atlas for any area in Scotland, makes comparisons with earlier atlases, both local (1981-84) and national (1968-72 and 1988-91). Where possible, information on breeding birds has been updated to 2009.

The maps use the familiar 2x2km ‘tetrad’ and the 2,340 surveyed make this the largest work of its kind ever undertaken, covering almost 4% of the UK land area and 11% of Scotland. Species accounts have been written by sixty local authors, and many photographers from North-East Scotland contributed a wide range of images illustrating breeding activity – a distinctive feature of this atlas.

For each species, its habitat, breeding biology, local breeding status and distribution are summarised. An estimate of breeding population is provided, along with evidence for changes in distribution and numbers. The geography and habitat context in which our breeding birds are found is described in some detail, as are the main influences on their distribution and trends in numbers – issues that are critical to bird conservation.

The atlas, with a forward by Adam Watson, is 528 pages in length and full colour throughout. For further information, and details of how to order a copy, please visit the atlas website.