Moray Bird Club Surveys

2014. Breeding Black-headed Gulls.

The aim of this survey was to locate and count all breeding colonies of Black-headed Gulls in Moray. Coverage was almost complete and the results can be seen here: Breeding Black-headed Gulls in Moray 2014   A more complete article on the survey, setting the results in a historical context, will appear in Birds in Moray & Nairn 2014 (the area Bird Report) before the end of 2015.

2015. Breeding Birds of the River Spey.

During this survey, Club members censused the breeding populations of the waterbirds closely associated with the River Spey from the Moray boundary (at Cragganmore) to the sea. Complete coverage was achieved and the results can be seen here River Spey Survey 2015 .
The article will also appear in Birds in Moray & Nairn 2015 when this appears in early 2017.